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There are more and more of us, we get to our destination faster, our rates are cheaper.

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A large fleet of mid-range and luxury vehicles at your disposal 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



The interior of our vehicles are generous and spacious so that the passenger enjoys maximum comfort.


Punctuality and Speed

We know that time is money and on receiving your call we put our “Closest Vehicle” GPS computer service to work to ensure that the closest cab receives your fare request.



Our vehicles are granted with Amanocar’s Seal of Satisfaction guaranteeing and accrediting the cleanliness and disinfection of the whole fleet.

At TaxiDonostia we value integrity as we believe that each customer is special. You’re special!!

Good cabs, every cab is equipped with air-conditioning systems and the service is quick
José Mª Bereziartua, Industrias Bereziartua S.A.
Deluxe cabs. Very punctual and great cabbies!!!
Nagore Ormaetxea, Distribuciones Ormaetxea S.L.