Whenever you phone us

Whenever you phone TaxiDonostia to order any kind of service ask to be picked up at a concrete street and number. Do not wait for our taxicab by a taxi stand as it may lead to misunderstandings on picking you up. The most advisable is to specify the name of the street and the number or the name of the business (café, bar, hairdresser’s, etc.) you’re waiting at.

Greet the cabbie

When your taxicab arrives ask the cabbie if that’s the taxicab you ordered. Sometimes several taxicabs get together at the same place. The most advisable thing is to take the taxicab you ordered.

Credit card payment

If you are paying by credit card call us first at 943 46 46 46 to send you a taxicab equipped with an electronic fare reader ( credit card swipe machine) as not all of our taxicabs are equipped with such a device.

Payment with banknotes higher than €50

If you are paying cash it’s a good idea to have small bills because the cabbies can’t usually break anything higher than €50, if not phone us first at 943 46 46 46 so that the cabbie may take some change with him.

Do you have a pet?

If you are traveling with your pet call us first in order to send you the appropriate taxicab.

Are you traveling to France?

If you are traveling to France and paying by credit card you will be required to pay before starting the trip as the electronic fare reader (credit card swipe machine) will be offline and the payment can’t be made.